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Quick talk about how i build the dredge nozzle For best picture watch in This video shows an easy way to make a PVC… DIY PVC 12V Gold Dredge Nozzle 1 1/2 inch, gold sucker, bedrock sniper - YouTube See more

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Learn how a Suction Nozzle works on a Gold Dredge. After sucking up material for a while, place a wide tray, bucket or large gold pan at the end of the sluice. Inspect for pickers or nuggets first, then carefully roll up the riffle matting or miner's moss and wash into the container at the end of the sluice.

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Sep 29, 2008· Some more field demo's of the Hydro-Force 250. The only hand held, dry land dredge nozzle.

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How to Build a Gold Dredge (7 Steps) | eHow. A gold dredge is a necessary tool for anyone who pans for gold as more than a hobby. ... machinery attached with vacuums and hoses, or as simple as a homemade gold dredge sluice box. ... How Do I Make a Suction Pump to Recover Gold…


DREDGE SUCTION NOZZLES By: Dale Russell Suction nozzles can easily be home made, with some ingenuity & a few tools. No matter what size you want to make from 1" up to 6", you can purchase exhaust pipe with that outside diameter (OD) Power jets measure the …

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Nov 25, 2012· ( i tried a 7/8" and had no suction) I spent weeks looking in forums and on the net to find info on how to make dredge suction nozzles and all you find is bits and pieces here and there. There is a lot of good information on this forum from great people that is one reason i gave back to this site with a photo detailed post.

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Since 1955, has been providing the very best in mining and prospecting equipment. Whatever you need, we're here to help!

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Jun 12, 2012· 4" DIY Dredge - Just a fun project. User Info Username: Password: Welcome, Guest. Please login or ... I can imagine how tough that was to control a 4" suction nozzle, one handed. ... I'm in the middle of a 4" dredge project myself and had mine set up to screen exactly the same way!

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How to Build a Gold Dredge. A gold dredge is a mining machine used for extracting gold from grit, sand, and dirt using mechanical methods or by means of water.. In olden days, these machines were very large in size. In recent times, small suction equipment came into the market and this has made the operation more simple.

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Jan 04, 2016· In the gravity dredge however, the venturi made by the smaller pipe in the wye results in a faster local velocity that acts the same at the nozzle as a standard dredge. This means that the nozzle will have a high velocity dragging force.

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Nov 13, 2019- Explore delport007's board "Gold hand suction dredge" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gold hands, Gold prospecting and Gold.

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Hand Dredge: A hand dredge, also called a gold sucker, is basically a pump that will allow you to suck up material. They allow you to suck up material in hard to reach places, such as under rocks, and in crevices. Hand dredges work extremely well if you are pr...

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Jun 01, 2013· I run it with a 1 1/2" trash pump. suction is very good and I usually have a 10' hose to the jet and a 24" run to my dredge sluice, crash box or other classifier. The suction nozzle is hooked up to the trash pump by a rubber garden hose(25'-50') and is then hooked into the same 10' The same nozzle hooks to my electric sub dredge.

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Gold Dredging In The United States. When the gold dredge was first created to mine placer gold from rivers and streams it was a multi-story piece of heavy equipment that took several people to operate effectively. Gold dredges today are much smaller and more manageable – and some dredges can even be worn as a backpack for easy carrying.

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Dec 06, 2012· I have now converted the sluice box into a suction dredge My idea is to set it next to a small creek and suck out from underneath the big boulders. I have a 2" Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP pump which delivers 150 GPM It appears to be supplying more than enough pressure and flow. Now to the problem my DIY suction nozzle.

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build a suction dredge venturi nossle stone crusher plant ... How To Build Your Own Home Made Gold Dredge... and all small suction gold dredges were ... The operator guides to the nozzle of the ... the suction in the hose is ...

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Wondering how a gold dredge can literally suck up gravel from the bottom of a stream without the gravel going through the gasoline-powered pump, which would destroy the pump? The answer is that a device is used to convert the pressurized water discharged from the pump into a vacuum. This device is called a suction nozzle and is attached at the far end of the material hose.

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How does a gold suction dredge suck up gravel? Also learn the differences between a power jet and a suction nozzle. Click on dredge images above to enlarge. Suction dredges utilize a high pressure gasoline powered water pump to suck up water, gravel and gold and inject this material into a sluice through a header box.

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While I'm sure we will learn more as we gain experience, here are a few of my own thoughts on "underwater suction gravel transfer systems:" 1) Make certain to not have the sluice box from your original "suction dredge" anywhere in the vicinity of the program.

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I posted in another thread discussing muck removal options but thought I would give this a dedicated thread. One suggested DIY solution to remove organic muck from an old pond is to build something akin to a gold dredge with a trash pump and a venturi dredge nozzle.

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When you find yourself making little progress, the key is almost always to widen your dredge-hole. Production dredging means moving gravel through the nozzle at optimum speed. This is accomplished by making your hole wide enough to allow the over-sized rocks to be easily removed.

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Gold dredges can be as complicated as machinery attached with vacuums and hoses, or as simple as a homemade gold dredge sluice box. If you are just getting into the gold-finding game, making a gold dredge sluice box is a great way to start.

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Quick talk about how i build the dredge nozzle For best picture watch in This video shows an easy way to make a PVC… DIY PVC 12V Gold Dredge Nozzle 1 1/2 inch, gold sucker, bedrock sniper - YouTube See more

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The hand dredge has many nicknames, including gold sucker, crevice sucker and picker stick. During the California Gold Rush, hand dredges were used to extract gold-rich earth from streams and other small bodies of water. They are used for the same purpose all over the world today. You can build your own hand dredge by ...

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Dredge Nozzles If you're wondering how a gold dredge can literally suck up gravel from the bottom of a stream without the gravel going through the pump and destroying it, it is because of a handy device called a suction nozzle or power jet nozzle.

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Example: A ke-sn32 dredge nozzle (measures 3" x 2") --- the suction nozzle outlet measures 3 inches and will work with our 3 inch suction hose. It has a net weight of approx. 6 pounds. A 2 inch pressure hose is easily secured to the nozzle with a 2 inch threaded coupling. When ordering a nozzle make sure the inlet diameter matches your pump ...